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Alec Dickson Trust

2 Nov 2018 - 10:16 by michelle.foster

The Alec Dickson Trust supports volunteering or community service projects in the UK only that are organised and run by people under 30 years old. alec dickson trust

The Alec Dickson Trust think that young people are amazing and that they have the potential to make the world a better place through volunteering. They provide grants of up to £500 to individuals or groups of young people aged 30 or under, to help them put their ideas into action and run projects that benefit the lives of others – particularly the most marginalised and disadvantaged.

The Alec Dickson Trust are looking for:

Volunteering – projects that support and encourage youth volunteering. The Alec Dickson Trust particularly like to fund projects that involve lots of volunteers, and/or encourage these young people to stay engaged as volunteers in the long term.

Need – young people who run projects that benefit disadvantaged communities and individuals. The Alec Dickson Trust are looking for projects that identify a specific need, and propose to carry out activities that will clearly help to address this need. Often it’s about young volunteers helping to give others the opportunity to engage in activities, have a voice, and meet people that they otherwise would not have been able to.

Innovation – youth volunteering projects that help to improve communities, but if the project is new and exciting then even better.  The Alec Dickson Trust particularly like to fund volunteer initiatives that are innovative and try to do things a bit differently, such as using social media creatively or using existing resources in new ways.

The Alec Dickson Trust will fund volunteering projects run by young people under 30. If you’re thinking of applying, your project should:
• Be run by a young volunteer, or team of young volunteers
• Take place in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
• Have a clear benefit to others in the wider community
• Most importantly, your project should encourage volunteering. The more volunteers you can get involved, the better

The Alec Dickson Trust also love innovative projects. If you’re doing something that you’ve noticed a real need for in the community or something that hasn’t been done before, they want to hear from you.

The Trust’s board of trustees review applications and decide which to fund on a quarterly basis.

For further information and to apply, visit: www.alecdicksontrust.org.uk/apply/, or email: secretary@alecdicksontrust.org.uk.

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