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Charities and causes can now post volunteering opportunities on Buengo for free

9 Nov 2018 - 09:52 by michelle.foster

Charity marketplace app, Buengo, has just released a new feature where charities and good causes can post their volunteering opportunities on the app. Buengo aims to make finding out about local volunteering opportunities easier than ever, and encourage more people to get actively involved with local charities. Buengo Volunteering app

This is fantastic news for any organisations who rely on volunteers, creating a whole new way to reach potential supporters and volunteers.

It’s completely free for charities to sign up to the app and post their volunteer opportunities. All you need to do is complete a register form here: www.buengo.com/register-organisation-us/ and a member of the Buengo team will create an Organisation Profile on the app. It takes just a few minutes to post a volunteering opportunity.

In addition to volunteering, charities and causes can benefit from the Buengo app in a number of other ways. As the app is based around a marketplace for good, causes can post ‘virtual items’ for sale. For example, ‘a sleeping bag for a homeless person’ or ‘a month’s education for a child in Kenya’. This works in the same way as a direct donation, but is a great way to promote transparency with supporters and show them how their money will be spent.

Buengo also allows users to sell the things they no longer need, and donate the proceeds to your charity, as well as supporting monetary donations. Additionally, supporters can collect sponsorship on the app and keep up to date with good things happening all over the world with their News Feed.

The app is available for iOS and Android, and can be downloaded here: https://buengo.app.link/SJRGUPeRFR

To register for Buengo, visit: www.buengo.com/register-organisation-us/

For further information about how Buengo could help your organisation, email: katie.eldred@buengo.com or visit: www.buengo.com 

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