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Spirit of Manchester Business

On Tuesday 11 July 2017, we launched Spirit of Manchester Business. Macc saw an opportunity to increase relationships between the private and voluntary sectors in Manchester, so we came up with Spirit of Manchester Business.

Spirit of Manchester Business aims to bring businesses and local causes together for the good of Manchester. The scheme is based around exchanging skills and knowledge you already have for the benefit of the community. 

The Spirit of Manchester Business Initiative - How it works for your business

This video will give you a brief outline of what the Spirit of Manchester Business initiative is  all about and why your business should get involved!

For more information please download our brochure here

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Spirit of Manchester Business - Are you a business who would like to work with Lifeshare, a charity in Manchester, to make a difference?

We are pleased to announce that Lifeshare have become the first voluntary sector organisation to sign up to Spirit of Manchester Business. Lifeshare are established to help meet the needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Manchester and Salford. Their first point of contact is with people on the streets, offering practical assistance, support and information. From this point, they then offer continued assistance that enables people to secure suitable accommodation, support them in maintaining their tenancies, and help them to access initiatives that carry their lives forward.

They are looking for the following from one or more businesses:

  • Providing or funding the purchase and fitting of central heating in their building
  • Providing or funding the purchase and fitting of laminate flooring in their office
  • No cost or low cost printing of information/publicity materials
  • Provision of training sessions such as conflict management or interview skills on Tuesdays or Fridays 2-4pm
  • Volunteers for the clothing store and to sort donations
  • Donation of clothes and/or tinned foods

In return, your business and employees would benefit from the following:

  • Promotion of your involvement on their website and social media
  • Improved profile
  • Improved staff wellbeing and retention
  • Use of Spirit of Manchester Business logo
  • To have a positive impact on people’s lives in Manchester
  •  Fulfilling your corporate social responsibility requirements

If you can offer Lifeshare some of your business resources and support, please contact Helen on helen@macc.org.uk or call 0161 834 9823.


To find out more about this unique project contact helen@macc.org.uk or call 0161 834 9823 and we can send you a brochure with more information.