Inclusive Economy Showcase - How people are building a fairer and more sustainable economy in Manchester

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At our next Voluntary Sector Assembly event we will be hearing from people across our sector who are creating a more inclusive economy in Manchester. An inclusive economy means an economy that works for people in our city.

An inclusive economy means people are paid a fair wage, people have a say in how the economy works, the environment isn't destroyed in pursuit of profit and opportunities are available for all to live a happy healthy life. We also need a fairer economy that helps us face the ongoing cost of living crisis and the worsening effects of the climate crisis.

So come along and find out how people in our sector are trying to change our economy for the better, and how you can join in. 

We will also be launching the Manchester Social Economy Network, a free network for all those in our city who are creating a fairer, more inclusive economy.  Haleh Moravej

10.30–10.45: Arrival

10.45-11.00: Introduction to the Inclusive Economy Showcase
Thomas Waring from Macc will welcome you all, explain how the inclusive economy showcase will work and introduce you to the inspirational individuals who will be leading this showcase.

11.00-11.25: An inclusive economy and the cost of living crisis
Two speakers will explain what we mean by an inclusive economy, and why changing how our economy works matters, especially during a cost of living crisis. Our first speaker is Helen Power from the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) who will introduce the topic of an inclusive economy, explaining what this means, and why it matters to people in Manchester. Next, Nickala Torkington from Flourish CIC will explain the ways in which organisations across Manchester are helping to create a more inclusive economy, giving practical examples and encouraging others to join in.

11:25-12:25 Inclusive Economy Showcase
We will have a range of stalls across the venue where you will be able to hear all about people’s work helping to create a fairer and more sustainable economy in Manchester. You will hear why their work matters and how it is helping to create long term change, and you will have chance to ask questions and hear how you can get involved.

Speakers include:

- Introduction to a global, award winning social enterprise focusing on nutrition, wellbeing and sustainability
Led by Haleh Moravej from Manchester Metropolitan University

- Business support for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) social businesses across Greater Manchester
Led by: Anwar Ali and Hanif Alli from BASE: Support for BAME Social Entrepreneurs

- Community led housing, what is brewing in Manchester?
Led by: Rachel Summerscales from Greater Manchester Community Led Homes

- A free network for those wanting to create a fairer and more sustainable economy in Manchester
Led by: Thomas Waring from Macc

How insight into our innate capacity for creativity, collaboration and wellbeing can help us create an economy that works for all 
Led by: Katie Finney from Amity CIC

12:25:12:30 Goodbyes and what comes next
We will close with a roundup of what we have heard today, and share details of a free network launching in Manchester for those who want to be involved in this work.

28th September, 2022 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Redbank House
4 St. Chad's Street
Manchester, M8 8QA