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HOUR Manchester

What is the HOUR Manchester project?

We are increasing sharing, exchange and collaboration within Manchester. We want communities to share more of the things that they already have so that they are less reliant on money and services.  

We hope that by increasing sharing and reducing communities reliance on money we will disrupt the economy so that it works for everyone. 

How is HOUR Manchester going to achieve this?

1. We will support the development of a city wide network of timebanks. This means we will support new timebanks to set up and we will encourage existing Manchester timebanks to join the network in order to gain support and to work together. We will also develop a way in which time credits earned within this network can ‘purchase’ services or resources, for example public transport tickets (For an explanation of timebanking please see below). 

2. We will create a free platform through which community groups, voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises can share skills and resources between each other. For example one organisation may offer free training for free room hire from another organisation.

3. We will support individuals and organisations to develop any ideas and projects which encourage sharing and exchange.

4. We will develop easy to use technology which will be made available to everyone in Manchester, allowing them to get involved with all these activities mentioned above that encourage sharing and exchange.

What is timebanking?

Timebanking is a concept that encourages people to share their time and their skills with one another. 

Within a time bank every hour you spend helping someone is logged or ‘banked’ as a time credit. You can then spend these time credits you have banked on receiving someone else’s help.

For example, if you are good with computers you might offer through the time bank to assist someone with computer support. The timebank would match you with somebody who required help with their computer, for example, installing an app or helping them Skype their family. The time you spent helping people with their computers would be banked.

So, if you spent three hours helping people with their computers, you would then be able to request three hours of time bank members' help. For example, if you need help with your painting and decorating, you could request three hours' worth of time from others to help with this.

Within this model everyone is valued equally, as an hour of time spent helping or sharing is worth an hour in return. Everyone's hour is of equal worth, and people of all ages and all abilities can join in as everybody has a skill, a gift or a talent that they can share. 

How can you get involved?

Want to know more information or want to get involved?

Email: thomas@macc.org.uk

Thomas Waring
HOUR Project Coordinator

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