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BiPhoria – Spirit Story - Bi Visibility Day comes of age!

23 Sep 2016 - 12:33 by Nigel Rose

If hard work alone can make something a success, then Manchester-based BiPhoria, the UK’s oldest bisexual community organisation, deserves to have the best Bi Visibility Day ever. Now in its 18th year, the day came about as a result of people who attended an international Gay and Lesbian festival deciding to take action so that Bisexual people were represented as well. In its first year, the day was celebrated in just three locations: the US, South Africa – and Manchester! Now it’s celebrated across the world on 23rd September every year.

So Jen, BiPhoria’s Convenor, spent Thursday in a whirlwind of preparation and activity, including unpacking and setting up a new pop-up street stand for Bolton’s LGBT festival which also starts tomorrow, giving a presentation about bisexuality in the workplace at the Co-op’s Headquarters, running a live web chat, giving out festival flags to pubs and bars in the Northern Quarter, attending a screening of The Comedian, a film about a bisexual man, and delivering leaflets and information for a benefit gig at Gulliver’s bar.

The aim of Bi Visibility Day is to raise awareness of the issues and challenges experienced by bisexual people, along with answering some of the questions and busting some of the myths surrounding them. One of BiPhoria’s members said, ‘I thought I was happy being a bisexual person until I came here and found out what acceptance really feels like.’ The organisation hopes that Bi Visibility Day will be a small step – or even a giant leap – towards bringing about that acceptance everywhere.

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