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Nominet Trust

5 Apr 2012 - 10:00 by michelle.foster

The Nominet Trust will provide funding to organisations to carry out UK-based or international projects to improve and encourage the safe use of the Internet for educational, inclusion and other charitable purposes.

To make sure they achieve the greatest impact, their focus is on supporting projects and organisations that use digital technology to improve lives of the disadvantaged and vulnerable and to strengthen communities.

The Nominet Trust aim to seek out, galvanise and support innovative projects that use digital technology to design radically new solutions to address specific social challenges.

The Nominet Trust will fund Charitable organisations, Not-for-profit organsations, Community groups, Schools, PTAs, universities or other educational establishments, Statutory bodies, such as local authorities, Commercially-run organisations that act as social enterprises and Grant-making bodies to make grants on their behalf.

Eligible projects must:
• Be a new initiative or a distinctive extension of an existing project
• Be original and innovative or provide a fresh and different approach to an existing project
• Have a wide reach or demonstrable potential in the long term
• Make a significant difference to the users
• Be through a formal entity or organisation
• Be capable of delivering what is promised with risk and mitigation assessed
• Have the Internet at the core

Projects should seek to benefit the target recipients, which include: Young people, The elderly, The disabled and sick, The disadvantaged and Vulnerable people.

For further information and to apply, visit: www.nominettrust.org.uk, or contact 01865 334 000, or email: enquiries@nominettrust.org.uk.

Deadline: Tuesday 1 May 2012

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