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Reading the Riots

14 Oct 2011 - 10:00 by michelle.foster

Reading the Riots is a research project that is being run by the London School of Economics (LSE) University, together with the Guardian newspaper.

LSE and the Guardian think that politicians have jumped to lots of conclusions about the recent riots, and the only way to find out what really happened - and why - is to speak to some of those people involved, their families and their friends.

LSE have trained a number of interviewers who would like to offer people the chance to give their thoughts and tell their side of the story of what happened during the riots. Interviews will be completely anonymous and please note this research has nothing to do with the government or the police.

LSE and the Guardian are seeking anyone in the Manchester area who may have been involved in the riots and who may be willing to talk without their name / address / any other identifying details being noted.

LSE and the Guardian are particularly interested in speaking to individuals who were directly involved in the riots and not arrested.

For further information and to take part, contact 0203 353 2763, or email: readingtheriots@guardian.co.uk.

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