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Are we getting there? Age-Friendly Transport across GM 17 January 2018

Andy BurnhamOn 17 January 2018, members of the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network came together to discuss and share their views on Age-Friendly Transport in the region. Speakers from Ambition for Ageing gave their perspective on the matter, and Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham addressed some of the concerns that were raised by the network as part of an address. A panel discussion also featured representatives from the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub and Transport for Greater Manchester.

Click here to download the Agenda



Age-Friendly Transport in Greater Manchester - Are we getting there? Greater Manchester Older People's Network Report
The report based on the findings from this conference makes 10 recommendations which we believe will support the development of a more age-friendly transport system in Greater Manchester. The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network would hope to continue to work with the combined authority, Transport for Greater Manchester and other providers to help translate some of these recommendations into action. Click here to read the report

Transport for Greater Manchester responds to questions from the event, click here to read the questions and responses

Transport for Greater Manchester information booklet
TfGM produced this information booklet specifically for the event, bringing together information requested by older people across Greater Manchester.

The Housing Manifesto – The Story so far: Wendy Cocks (Care and Repair)
Age-friendly Transport: Mark Hammond (Ambition for Ageing)

Videos of Wendy's and Mark's presentations and the panel discussion are available on the Macc Manchester YouTube channel

Transport feedback from Transport for Greater Manchester:
GM Equalities Issues

Photos from the event can be found on Flickr page here

A Storify story of the event is available which brings together pictures, films and tweets.

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham’s speech


Film - Views and Comments 

Transport for Greater Manchester report – A sustainable urban mobility plan for the future
This document provides the evidence base supporting the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040. The evidence base begins by setting out recent trends in Travel in Greater Manchester (page 4). This focuses on providing a picture of the current transport situation, with reference to recent developments in Greater Manchester. Click here to read the report / Click here to view the TfGM Travel Diary Surveys 2014-2016