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Enabling self care

Manchester’s Strategy for Enabling Self Care 2016-2020
Macc worked in partnership with Manchester City Council, the NHS and members of the Manchester Self Care Group to devise a strategy for enabling people to look after their own health and wellbeing.

In June 2016, the final strategy document was launched. It defines self care as "...what we do for ourselves to stay healthy and look after our wellbeing. It is something that we all do. It includes the choices we make to prevent illness such as eating healthy food, having a flu vaccination, doing exercise and getting enough sleep. It also includes the actions we take to manage illness when we are unwell for example visiting the pharmacy for coughs and colds."

However, the strategy recognises that people can need the support of carers, healthcare practitioners and organisations to achieve this, and the approach of this support should be:

  • Personalised - focussed on what matters to the person
  • Asset based - recognises strengths and abilities (assets) not just illness and problems (deficits)
  • Relational - based on trust, understanding, empathy and emotional connection, not just the ‘transaction’ or episode of care. This trust can only be developed over a period of time
  • Holistic - services form a sophisticated understanding of a person’s particular context, taking their social circumstances into account and addressing these in order to achieve their goals
  • Collaborative – plans are developed jointly between the practitioner and the person they are supporting.

The benefits of this approach can be to empower patients to make the best decisions regarding their own health, to improve outcomes with better levels of health and wellbeing experienced, and reduced demand on healthcare services.

A copy of the full strategy document is attached below.

Manchester Self Care Group
This group meets regularly to plan how to implement the strategy. It is chaired by Dr Cordelle Mbeledogu, Specialty Registrar in Public Health and she can be contacted on 0161 234 1725 or at c.mbeledogu@manchester.gov.uk.

Patients and communities driving progresss in Self Care - July 2018 briefing
The key message of this briefing paper from IVAR and Social Enterprise UK is that by building health partnerships between the statutory sector and local communities, we can:

  • Improve access to existing community-centred approaches
  • Test new approaches to workforce development
  • Define outcomes and the 'difference made' by community approaches to health
  • Co-design, co-direct and co-produce services to deliver a health and care system that works for local people

Begin to address financial and contractual barriers to effective and sustainable community-centred approaches and social prescribing
Empower communities to set up new initiatives
Create a shared vision of social prescribing and the 'infrastructure' needed to support commmunity-centred approaches
Build partnerships and foundations for more cross-sector working

In this briefing you will find examples that illustrate how each of these was achieved and the difference made in communities:


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