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GM Social Value Network

The Greater Manchester Social Value Network (GMSVN) started in January 2015 and its purpose is to influence stakeholders, policy and strategy at the Greater Manchester level around social value. It was brought together initially by ourselves at Macc, the Centre for Local Economic Strategies, Salford CVS and Salford City Council. The network's terms of reference can be found via the GMSVN website.

The GMSVN vision
To encourage organisations in every sector to seek relevant social, environmental and economic value from everything they do, including service delivery, commissioning and procurement. Social value considers more than just the financial transaction and includes: happiness, wellbeing, health, inclusion, empowerment, poverty and the environment.

GMSVN has agreed a number of ways in which its purpose can be achieved and these are set out in three themes:

Theme 1 – collect
Collecting information, evidence and examples of social value from across Greater Manchester and particularly:

  • collecting and promoting examples of social value
  • collecting together an evidence base for social value

Theme 2 – support

Supporting organisations across all sectors to deliver more effective social value policy, practice and outcomes and particularly:

  • supporting commissioning and procurement behaviour through training and engagement
  • supporting the implementation of the Greater Manchester Social Value Procurement Framework

Theme 3 – influence

Using the skills, knowledge and experience of the group to influence the behaviour of the range of individuals and organisations with a stake in social value and particularly:

  • influencing and embedding social value into behaviour
  • linking social value to the economic growth and public service reform agendas
  • influencing and challenging European funding and procurement specifications
  • challenging the contemporary market driven approach to place
  • influencing the social responsibility practice of the private sector

The steering group of GMSVN is made up of activists who want to ensure that all intervention, whether that be through the behaviour of business, the devolution agenda, commissioning and procurement, or the delivery of projects and services, brings maximum social value. The core group meets on a bi-monthly basis and focuses upon strategically influencing key agendas in Greater Manchester so that social value is embedded and enhanced. A wider range of individuals meet on a six monthly basis to share practice and updates on activities in their own organisations around social value.

For more information, contact Nigel Rose, Strategic Lead (Commissioning) at Macc on 0161 834 9823 or at nigel@macc.org.uk