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Older People's Greater Manchester Mayoral Hustings 28 March 2017

28 March 2017 at Cross Street Chapel, Manchester

Devolution is coming to Greater Manchester. Some powers, resources and decisions will be relocated from the government to Greater Manchester, and a Mayor for Greater Manchester will be elected. Devolution could be a unique opportunity for citizens and civil society to have a greater say about the future of Greater Manchester.

The GM Older People’s Network invited people to come along to put questions and requests to the Greater Manchester mayoral candidates in advance of the election in May 2017. The candidates that attended were Sean Anstee - Conservative, Andy Burnham - Labour, Jane Brophy - Liberal Democrat and Will Patterson, Green Party.

During the event, Andy Burnham pledged to meet with the network at least twice a year to help work towards an age friendly Greater Manchester. A short film of Andy Burnham, including his pledge to the network, is available below:

You can view some other short films from the event and read more about it on a blog post here