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50:50 Question Time: How parties select you

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21 April, 2021 - 20:00

At this event 50:50 want YOU to put your questions to party officials and elected MPs. This is your chance to ask each party about the training and mentoring they offer and to hear how their selection processes work. Hear directly from women MPs what helped them get selected and elected.

And hear what support 50:50 offers with their #SignUpToStand programme.

This event is hosted by the 50:50 team, along with 50:50 Parliament founder, Frances Scott, and is made possible by funding from Comic Relief as part of the Equal Power campaign.

50:50 Parliament's mission is to build a better democracy, one in which women have equal seats and equal say. 50:50  encourage women in all their diversity and from across the political spectrum to stand for elected office. At Westminster, in the corridors of power, men still outnumber women by 2:1.

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