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Exploring the poverty premium

Date & Time of Training: 
25 June, 2021 - 09:30 to 12:00

Low income consumers in the UK face several disadvantages in the marketplace, facing higher costs (known as the poverty premium) for things like credit, insurance, transport and energy bills. However, policy and the marketplace has been slow
to respond to these disadvantages despite the poverty premium potentially costing some households in excess of £1500 per annum.

Understanding this issue can support service providers and policymakers to identify changes in policy and practice that can help mitigate the impact of the poverty premium, minimising the risk of debt and financial hardship. Retailers and others selling goods and services can think about how they design, market and sell products so that they better meet the needs of low income consumers and increase their customer base. 

Who is this course for?
Service providers, policy makers, companies selling goods and services and others who wish to better understand the disadvantages facing low income consumers in the market and how to address them. Attendees on this half day course will be able to better understand the poverty premium, the way it affects customers, clients and consumers and how they can amend and ‘poverty proof’ their practices. Decision makers will be able to consider how policy changes can help mitigate the impact of the poverty premium, helping to minimise the risk of debt and financial hardship.

Course content

  • What is the poverty premium?
  • Which areas of household spending are subject to premiums?
  • What is the extent of the poverty premium in the UK?
      - Who does it affect?
      - What is the financial cost to low income households?
  • How is the poverty premium relevant to the people you work with or support or who buy your products and services?
  • How could you amend what you do to help address the poverty premium?
  • What is ‘poverty proofing’ and how can it protect people on low incomes? 


  • Students/small VCSE organisations with fewer than five employees: £46
  • VCSE/Third sector organisations with more than five employees: £62
  • Public sector organisations (including housing providers): £82
  • Private sector organisations: £95
Greater Manchester Poverty Action
From £46.00 per person
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