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Get Grants: Online Storytelling for Fundraising

Date & Time of Training: 
7 February, 2023 - 09:30 to 14 February, 2023 - 11:30

Get Grants Online Storytelling for Fundraising Training Course is designed to support fundraisers to improve their fundraising confidence and success through effective use of storytelling.

Telling stories is a powerful tool that is too often overlooked. Stories are used to engage, inform, persuade, and create connections between people. As a fundraiser, storytelling is a valuable skill that can be used to influence your potential supporters and maximise on your fundraising efforts.

Storytelling skills bring to life your fundraising activities across the communications of your organisation. In this course, you will develop a key skill that will benefit the success of grant fundraising, corporate partnerships, crowdfunding, major donors, legacies, and many more!

What to expect:

Led by a Get Grants Funding Expert, the course will support you to effectively tell the story of your organisations, explain your need and tie it to your ask and outcomes, develop and use case studies, and use stories in your evaluation. You will develop your understanding and knowledge of fundraising, learn about practical processes, and learn skills you can put into practice.

During this online training course, you will:

  • Explore the ‘importance of why’ and getting down to the heart of the issue you are talking about.
  • Look at the practical processes of where to source valuable information and storing it within your organisation.
  • Understand what different types of donors are looking for and how to incorporate your story telling to full effect.
  • Discuss what makes a good story and finding the right balance of emotion and statistics.
  • Build storytelling techniques and confidence through practice.
  • Review your stories and the stories of attendees with expert feedback.

Delivered across two 2-hour sessions, this course will be friendly and conversational, with lots of opportunities to ask questions and get input from our Funding Expert.

Who this course is for:

This course is designed to be suitable for all not-for-profit organisations, including charities and community groups of all shapes and sizes. This informative and practical course will benefit both those who are new to fundraising as well as experienced fundraisers looking to improve their skills.

This training course perfectly complements our Corporate Fundraising, Bid Writing, and Trusts & Foundations training courses and ideal for fundraisers looking to broaden their fundraising abilities!

Get Grants
£95.00 per person
Further details / booking: 

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