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Get Grants - Online Trusts and Foundations Fundraising Course

Date & Time of Training: 
9 February, 2022 - 09:30 to 16 February, 2022 - 11:30

Our Online Trusts and Foundations Fundraising Course will equip you with the techniques and practices you need to increase your organisation’s income through Trusts and Foundations fundraising.

This course supports attendees to establish, deliver, and manage an effective Trusts and Foundations fundraising programme that works for your organisation.  

This course will give attendees an in-depth understanding of Trusts and Foundations Fundraising. This course will give you access to the extensive knowledge, insights, and friendly advice of our fundraising experts. During the course you will improve skills and confidence fundraising from Trusts and Foundations through practical support that can be taken away and put into action.

Get Grants Online Trusts and Foundations Fundraising Course is designed as both a follow-on course to the Bid Writing for Charities and Community Groups Course and as a stand-alone course for fundraisers with a minimum level of experience. This course is suitable for charities and community groups of all types and sizes and would benefit those who are supporting fundraisers within their role.

What to Expect

Our Online Trust and Foundations Fundraising course offers a comprehensive overview of the grant funding through Trusts and Foundations process that you can apply to your organisation. You will:

  • Understand what Trusts and Foundations are, why you should approach them, and what to expect from them (different types, success rates, varying approaches, etc.)
  • Create your organisation’s case for support with methodologies and expert feedback.
  • Learn how to research suitable Trusts and Foundations, what to search for, and how to effectively use databases.
  • Look at practical tools for managing the Trusts and Foundations Fundraising processes (including creating pipeline and income projection documents).
  • Explore how to manage your relationship with Trust or Foundations (reporting processes, communications, etc.)

Sessions are designed to build your practical skills and knowledge through friendly support with lots of opportunities to ask questions and receive top tips from an expert.

Our Online Trust and Foundations Fundraising Course is distributed in two 2-hour sessions with time in between to read further course material, create your own case for support and reflect on what you’ve learnt.

Get Grants
£95.00 per person
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