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2. We want to have a real influence on services

This is about the user voice being listened to. It is most effective when users come together in groups, where people can support each other, share information and develop a common view, and when organisations see users as partners. Service users want to see improvements to services resulting from their views.

“If we can all work together, we can balance the service before it tips into the abyss. Even on a reduced budget, we could have a better service, working together, that other trusts could emulate.
You won’t listen to the knowledge of our side. We have knowledge in our field. We live it all the time. Your experience of mental health is budgets – it’s not the same as being on the receiving end.”

3. Organised groups of users feel that their views and opinions have a measurable impact on improving services.
How it should be monitored

User groups can point to service changes which they feel they directly influenced. User groups can point to commissioner decisions which they feel they directly influenced. Provider organisations will have in place a funded programme of systematic user involvement in decision-making.