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Coronavirus Statement

The statement can be downloaded as a word document here

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NB This template need to be tailored to the specific circumstances of each organisation. It is intended as a framework for discussion and planning, with suggestions for areas you may need to consider. There may be other areas that are specific to your type of work.

You will also need to check reliable health and government sources for any further updates as information is changing rapidly

GROUP NAME Statement on our activities and services with regard to Coronavirus (Covid 19)

With the threat of Coronavirus dominating the news, GROUP NAME wants to take the opportunity to update all of the people who we work with (people who use our services, their families/carers, our partners, suppliers and any other visitors) on the measures we are taking to respond to the situation and keep people safe.

GROUP NAME continues to monitor and respond to health advice on limiting the spread of Covid-19.

As an organisation we are [amend as appropriate]:

currently fully operational across all of our teams / activities /services

partially operational

struggling to operate


[If closed, make a statement about where / how you will post information if you think you might be able to re-open in the future.]

[If remaining open/partially open, continue with the rest of this guidance.]

We are taking the threat very seriously. As an organisation we have plans procedures in place, with daily review meetings ensuring that we can keep everyone as safe as we can.

With this in mind, please take note of the following:
[Amend as appropriate:] We are moving / have moved all staff and / or volunteers to work from home and we are closing / have closed the office as of [DATE]
We are moving some staff and / or volunteers to work from home but some essential staff / volunteer roles will continue at our office / venue. These are:

[Say what essential roles will carry on and how, e.g. if you are a food bank, how will you continue this service whilst taking care to keep people safe and premises free from Covid-19? See below for some ideas.] We will provide:

If you are completely closing your physical venue/office, say how you will continue your service in other ways during this time, e.g. online apps, videos, video conferencing, social media, etc.] We will:
[Where you are still using offices / venues for staff / volunteers/ beneficiaries, consider the following precautions]
• No staff, volunteers or members of the public should attend our offices/venue if exhibiting signs of illness, even if the symptoms appear to be minor
• Any face to face contact should be limited to a maximum of 2-3 people keeping a distance between each other of 2 metres (3 steps) and in a well-ventilated area
• Increased care will be taken with our cleaning schedules for the premises
• Provision of soap for hand washing and paper towels for drying hands
• Tissues provided in each of our rooms in order to ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’. Bins provided in each room so that tissues can be disposed of straight away
• Room bookings and training are cancelled and we will waive our cancellation policy fees during this difficult situation
• GROUP NAME is also constantly reviewing plans, messages and partnership working arrangements as the situation develops. Please keep in touch with us for updates which will be sent out [insert method, e.g. ebulletin, Facebook, website, etc.]

Given the need to keep updated about Coronavirus Covid-19, where the advice is regularly changing, please find the latest information using the following link. This web link is updated daily. [Gov.UK website]

If you think that you have symptoms or might have been exposed to the virus whilst travelling then you can use the 111 covid-19 checker

If the situation changes then we will be in contact with you as soon as we can.

[Think about a message of support you want to give to the people your group is most worried about and write it here].