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Emergency Voluntary Sector Assembly - Voluntary Sector Cuts 11 December 2014

80 representatives from Manchester’s Voluntary and Community groups came together to discuss the devastating impact of cuts across the city on 11 December.

The level of anger, worry and concern about the impact on the people of Manchester, as well as the organisations, staff and volunteers was palpable. No-one was arguing that that the VCS should be immune from the cuts, or that one part of the VCS should be cut whilst another sector saved. What they wanted was a change in approach – a different, braver, more constructive dialogue from the Council to deal with the cuts, mitigate the impact on the most vulnerable and to prevent a repeat of this in 12 months’ time.

There was a characteristic level of determination and conviction and this came through in the Statement that was drafted at the VSA. The statement, as well as a write up of the debate and call for action will be available in the Cuts Newsletter, which will be circulated week commencing 15 December.

Comments from the Voluntary Sector Assembly on Manchester City Council’s Budget Proposals
At our Emergency Voluntary Sector Assembly we asked groups for their comments on the proposals. Watch our video below to see the comments

View Manchester City Council’s cuts proposals here

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