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Community Association Fund

Children and Commissioning Services
Commissioning Body : 
Manchester City Council
Aim of Fund: 
To provide funding to community associations and centres. Eligible activities: • Provision of community centre premises. Premises must be openly available to all local community and interest groups. The Community Association should have a policy that gives local community groups and activities a priority in using the centre. • Delivery of services or activities directly to residents, where the service or activity would not be eligible for funding from any City Council service departments. • Development, support or co-ordination of other local groups. • Local community regeneration, where the association is actively involved in local regeneration and thematic partnership work for, and on behalf of, their local community and are valid representatives of local interests.
Application Process: 
Application form, submission of documents
Decision Making Process: 
Appraisal and scoring of application by 2 council officers including an unannounced visit. Moderation to ensure consistency of scoring. Recommending panel of 3 officers (different from above) make recommendations to decision making panel of senior officers based on scores and on creating a balanced programme. Councillors have the opportunity to comment on applications before final decisions are made.
Total budget (£): 
Maximum award/grant (£): 
Minimum award/grant (£): 
3 200.00
Maximum length of award (months): 
Number of successful applicants: 
Contract or Grant: 
Last Application Date: 
Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Next Application Date: 
Friday, 1 January 2016
Whether next application date is predicted/actual: 
Topic Areas: 


Every effort has been made to make sure that the information on this page is correct and up-to-date but things can change quickly and past funding opportunities are not necessarily a good predictor of future opportunities. Please do not rely on the information in this post alone.