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Meet the team

Mike Wild Mike Wild, Chief Executive
My role is to lead Macc, developing the organisation so we play a useful role in the city. I keep a watch on policy issues, try to be creative in finding new ways to address issues and speak up on behalf of the local voluntary and community sector. I build relationships with a wide range of partners and support our Trustees in ensuring Macc and the rest of the sector makes a real difference to life in Manchester. In other words I try to get more people doing more socially useful stuff.
Martin Preston Martin Preston, Deputy Chief Executive
I am responsible for maintaining and developing Macc’s service portfolio including capacity building, volunteering, policy and influence work with local voluntary and community sector groups. Working closely with the Chief Executive, I help to maintain an overview of service planning, income generation, performance and quality processes and the monitoring of results and impact.
Lesley Lesley Connor, Business Development Lead
I joined Macc from Salford CVS, where I was project managing the development of the Salford Third Sector Consortium.

I started out in the voluntary sector as a volunteer nearly 30 years ago (scary!). I’ve worked in the sector since the early 1990’s, my background is in community development and youth work, and I’ve had a variety of direct and management roles in frontline and infrastructure organisations since then.

Angela Hampson Angela Hampson, Finance Manager
As a member of the Management Team, my role is to manage the finances across all areas of Macc's work covering everything from funding income to invoices and payroll. I provide regular reports for the Treasurer and the Board of Trustees and liaise with our auditors to complete our annual statement of accounts and audit.
Sandra Bellamy

Sandra Bellamy, Reception Worker
As the first point of contact, I welcome visitors on their arrival here at Macc with a warm smile and friendly face. I also:
See to the smooth running of the Macc office
Arrange the calendar for internal and external room bookings
Necessities - I keep in place
Direct all external visitors on arrival for meetings in the right direction
Receive and distribute incoming mail
Assist my colleagues where and when I can

Pauline Clark Pauline Clark, Office and Facilities Worker
I oversee the running of the room hire. Buy resources for the office from a paper clip to a piece of furniture. Membership Secretary working on Macc Membership for organisations.  Undertake HR and finance duties.
Policy and Influence Team
Danielle Conway

Danielle Conway, Health and Care Development Worker
My role centres on creating spaces where collaborative and trusting relationships can develop between VCSE sector organisations and our colleagues within Health and Social Care. To achieve this, I believe that we have to take a creative approach; one that focuses on our shared values so we are better able to work together as equal partners across the system. The ultimate aim is to work alongside a diverse range of people to explore how we can make tangible, positive change to improve health and care outcomes for the people of Manchester. If you are interested in hearing more about what I am working on at the minute you are most likely to find me at our Community Explorers Meetings that take place across the city. Drop me an email or come along and say hello!

Oliver Cranfield, Grants Development Worker
As Macc’s Grants Development Worker, I administer the grants programmes that are made available to Manchester’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. The programmes I currently administer include the NHS Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group Mental Health Grants as well as our own Spirit of Manchester Mini-Grants. I am also involved in the development and delivery of new grants programmes such as the Spirit of Manchester Active Communities Fund.

Terru Manyeh

Terry Manyeh, Community Development Coordinator: Manchester Active
As the community development coordinator for Manchester Active. I am leading delivery for a new Sport England Pilot which aims to increase sport and physical activity - the objective of the pilot is to gain valuable insight to be used to develop solutions around the location specific barriers faced by the identified key demographics.

My focus is to increase community engagement in the Manchester Local Pilot of the GM Moving programme whilst building wider and longer-term collaboration between the voluntary sector and local government.

Nigel Rose Nigel Rose, Strategic Lead (Commissioning)
My role is about influencing the way that public bodies carry out commissioning – how they involve voluntary sector organisations and their beneficiaries in planning, designing and carrying out services. The underlying principles that guide my influence work are community development, co-production and co-design, social value and strength-based approaches to personal care. My key connections, apart from with voluntary sector organisations, are with public sector commissioners and procurement departments. I have worked in many voluntary sector organisations in both paid and unpaid roles including Manchester MIND, Refugee Action, Greater Manchester Immigration Unit, Chorlton Refurb, and Green Chorlton.
Anna Tait Anna Tate, Policy and Influence Development Worker
Claire Tomkinson, Strategic Lead: Collaboration
I have a particular interest in how we bring together diverse groups of people from across Manchester to work together and do things differently to create lasting and positive change. I’m passionate about the contribution of VCSE sector organisations and the wider community and how we come together across sectors and outside of the usual organisational boundaries to transform the way that we work. I’m also interested in exploring the role and contribution of the VCSE sector in leading change and what skills and qualities VCSE leaders will need in the future. I believe that everyone has a role to play and that we can’t achieve anything unless we work across the system as equal partners with a real focus on relationships, values, behaviours and trust.

Helen Walker, Policy and Influence Worker
I am responsible for providing communications and administrative support to the Policy and Influence Team and across Macc. This includes assisting with Voluntary Sector Assembly events and network meetings, updating the Manchester Community Central website with policy news, and tweeting from the @PolicyVoiceMacc Twitter account. I also assist colleagues with projects such as Systems Leadership and the Mental Health Grants Programme

Capacity Building Team
Sarah Whitelegg Sarah Whitelegg, Capacity Building Team Manager
My role is to make sure that voluntary and community groups in Manchester know where they can access useful support and guidance to strengthen and develop their organisations. This can range from helping very new groups, to choosing the right structure and understanding good governance, to providing funding support, planning, policy development and asset transfer. I manage and support the Capacity Building Team to provide this help through our open training programme, bespoke training, communications and tailored one-to-one support for groups across the city and I manage the development and delivery of additional specific capacity building projects.

Millie Brown, Organisational Development Worker

Michelle Foster

Michelle Foster, Communications Worker - Capacity Building Team
My role includes regularly updating the Manchester Community Central website, producing the weekly email bulletin and producing the quarterly newsletter. I also answer the telephone information line and respond to email enquiries. 

Cheryl McAlistar Cheryl McAlister, Training Co-ordinator
My role is to support local voluntary and community groups with everything that is training related, whether this is working with groups in identifying their training needs to co-ordinating our programme of training events often working with colleagues across Macc and external providers. I manage the training section on the website and ensure that the pages are updated with new and relevant training opportunities.
I also lead on the Spirit of Manchester programme where we celebrate the fantastic diverse range of work happening across the city of Manchester by our amazing sector.  
Stuart Vaughan, Organisational Development Worker
As a member of the Capacity Building Team, I work with a wide range of community groups, charities and social enterprises, helping them to navigate through the world of funding applications, governance and general group management to enable them to not only survive but to thrive in these challenging times.
Active Communities Team
Jack Puller Jack Puller, Active Communities Manager
My role is to lead Macc’s work that supports and encourages local people to be active citizens through volunteering and other forms of participation; and to support asset and strength-based approaches to work with individuals and communities to bring about positive change. I manage Active Communities projects including Volunteer Centre Manchester, the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network, Manchester Community Reporters and Skill Givers.
“I want to help people do more good or useful stuff in the City of Manchester – and beyond!”

Barkery Jammeh, Volunteering Development Worker
My duties include working with new and experienced volunteers, providing support, training, and delivering suitable opportunities. I also work with volunteer organisations to develop new or help improve existing systems. My role is part-time and I usually work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Aleena Khan, Active Communities Worker
As Active Communities Worker, my role entails supporting the whole Team. This is mainly through administrative support, marketing and promotional activities for all of our projects and services. Some of my duties include being one of the first points of the contact for the Volunteer Centre and responding to enquiries, ensuring the database is up-to-date and monitoring and evaluating the impact of our projects.

Liz Liz Jones, GM Older People's Network Development Worker
My role is to support the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network (GMOPN) to champion the voice of older people within policy, strategy and communities in Greater Manchester. The GMOPN is part of Ambition for Ageing, a programme designed to support older people who are experiencing loneliness and social isolation.  I organise and deliver large-scale events on key policy areas such as health and transport, facilitate workshops and produce event reports and manifestos. I support our Action Group to achieve change by spreading the key messages and recommendations that have come from our consultations and workshops. I am supporting the network to grow and develop by implementing a training programme and offering various participation, consultation and partnership-working opportunities.
Victoria Jones

Victoria Jones, Project Support Worker
I am a Project Support Worker and I’ll be at Macc for the next year as part of a Graduate Training Programme called Charityworks. I am mainly involved with supporting the participation of members of the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network. Some of my duties include assisting with the practical organisation of events and meetings, responding to enquiries, producing a monthly newsletter and providing updates via social media. I am also involved with Macc’s grants programme management service.

Hayley Lightfoot Hayley Lightfoot, Skill Givers Project Coordinator
My role is to develop, coordinate and deliver a new Sport England funded, employer supported volunteering project. The project, based in Manchester and Salford, will link voluntary community and social enterprise sector, sport and physical activity groups, with private, public and statutory sector businesses and employers, creating skill-based volunteering opportunities.
Hannah Powell Hannah Powell, Media and Marketing Worker
My role is to work across Macc supporting different teams and projects with developing their marketing and use of media, including social media and films. I also lead on the film aspect of the Spirt of Manchester Awards (link) and run training for the shortlisted groups and individuals to make their own one minute long film. 

Tony Russ, Media Assistant
My responsibilities as Media Assistant are varied, but I like to boil it down to “I make things look pretty”. This might be a little bit reductive, but some examples of what I’ve done since working at Macc include designing flyers, infographics, images for social media and all kinds of visual assets. I have also designed logos for campaigns and groups, including the recent campaign Sharing Our Wellness and the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network. I worked on several aspects of the Spirit of Manchester Awards 2018, including designing booklets, certificates and the awards presentation. It’s not all design however, as I am also involved in video/media production, and occasionally I’m able to get the rest of the office involved in creative workshops.

Beth Shipley, GM Older People’s Network Administrative Support Worker
My role includes providing administrative support to the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network. I help to produce the GMOPN Newsletter, look after our twitter account and I’m here to answer any enquiries you have about the network. I also provide support to the GMOPN meetings.

Thomas Waring Thomas Waring, HOUR Project Coordinator
I will be coordinating the delivery of an exciting new project called HOUR Manchester.
HOUR Manchester is a project to empower communities to come together and to share their time (hence the HOUR in HOUR Manchester) and skills with one another.
This will empower communities and will reduce our reliance on money, as people will be able to share those things with each other that do not rely on a healthy economy: time, skills, gifts and talents.
A key part of this project is supporting the development of a city-wide network of time banks, ensuring that all individuals and organisations can get involved in timebanking.
If you haven’t heard of timebanking yet then trust me, you soon will. Timebanking is an extremely exciting way of reorganising our communities, bringing people together to support one another. Want to know more? Then please be in touch!