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Safeguarding Concerns about Children and Adults in Manchester


What to do if you have concerns about individual children or adults

If you have any worries about a child's safety or welfare, in the first instance speak to a Contact Officer at the Manchester Contact Centre on 0161 234 5001 or fax on 0161 255 8266. The Contact Officer will then notify the First Response Team of your concerns.

In addition, you can call the NSPCC Child Protection helpline on 0808 800 5000 to discuss your concerns, or ask for advice by email.

The NSPCC also provide a helpline services for children themselves who are looking for someone to talk to (Childline 0800 1111).

Finally, if you think a child is at risk of immediate harm, please contact the police by calling 999.

What to do if you have concerns about an adult

To report suspected abuse or neglect of an adult  contact Manchester City Council on :

Telephone: 0161 234 5001
email: mcsreply@manchester.gov.uk

Domestic Abuse and Violence

For help and information if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence or abuse contact: