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Spirit of Manchester Awards 2021 Shortlist

Congratulations to the shortlist for our three competitve categories in this year's Spirit of Manchester Awards. The shortlist was decided on by our fantastic independent panel of judges who found it very difficult due to the great standard of entries. All the nominations (not just the shortlist) will be on our website and in our Spirit of Manchester Brochure.

Who is your favourite? Make sure you come along to the virtual Spirit of Manchester Awards celebration evening on 7 October so you can vote! The audience of this huge thank you to the voluntary and community sector will vote on short films on the below shortlist to determine the winner. Make sure you bring your friends and family too and maximise those votes :). The evening will be streamed live on the Macc YouTube - siubscribe to be notified when the evening starts.

Showing leadership

Criteria: Open to individuals who have shown inspiring leadership over the past year. We are particularly looking for leaders who don’t necessarily hold senior/management positions within organisations. Do you know someone that has shown strong, inspiring leadership skills whilst continuing to support and motivate others during the last year?


Beatrice Guessie


David Paul


Mohammed K


Linda Duffy

Creative community spirit

Criteria: Local individuals or groups who have developed a creative outlet or project to inspire hope and unity during the last year. Open to anyone who used a form of art or creativity to support others and the community around them. 

42nd Street


Odd Arts


Abraham Moss

Partnership and collaboration

Criteria: How have you worked in partnership or collaborated to make a difference and fulfil a need in your community? How did working in partnership mean your task was successful/more effective. Partnerships can be voluntary or community sector organisation working with the public sector, private company or another community group.

Mcr EU Homeless Prevention Service


Yvonne Lauder