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Theme 3: Fostering local social and private sector links

The Recommendations

Recommendation 5:
Enhance relations between business and social sector infrastructure bodies: Business network organisations to enhance their existing engagement with Macc to scope out potential for local collaborative working, and schemes for bringing the two sectors closer together. If engagement between the infrastructure organisations is effective, a framework for future activity could be produced to highlight the aims, objectives and expectations of parties involved in this collaboration.

Recommendation 6: Create a mechanism for matching businesses with small groups:
what private-social support requires is a coordination which effectively matches businesses and social sector organisations, to ensure that the right skills and attributes are being utilised depending on individual circumstances. Infrastructure organisations are well placed for this coordinating role.

What’s currently happening

  • Macc has developed a draft strategy for building links between the private and social sectors. This is being developed through conversations with private sector sector bodies in local business networks and other partners. The strategy will be published in June 2015.
  • Macc has entered a partnership with Resonate Connect which provides a request-based system for local charities, voluntary and community groups to list "assignments" they would like to complete with support from businesses. http://www.resonate-connect.org.uk/