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Theme 5: Promoting enterprise

The Recommendations

Recommendation 10:
Create a social enterprise strategy for Manchester: A social enterprise strategy, as in the examples above, could be used to demonstrate acknowledgement and support of enterprise which in turn supports local community development. It would assess areas of development such as social enterprise franchising, and also how social enterprises could inspire a wider entrepreneurial culture within a locality.

Recommendation 11:
Enhance capacity to embed enterprise through the social sector: equipping more individuals with skills and knowledge around enterprise to become mentors for the local community. This could be complemented and supported by enterprise ‘champions’ who connect with the community.

What’s currently happening

  • New Economy have been working to develop a social enterprise strategy for Greater Manchester. Macc has been contributing to this work and to building connections between the range of initiatives to support and stimulate social enterprise.
  • Macc has set up a new section in this website containing resources for social enterprises - click here to open the page.