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Single Hospital Service

IMPORTANT *This is NOT about Manchester having only one hospital*. The ambition here is to bring all Manchester’s hospital services under one contract – in other words to require them to work together in ways which don’t currently happen.

North Manchester General Hospital
During the Conservative Party conference that took place in October 2019, Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the ‘go ahead’ for a complete rebuild of North Manchester General Hospital (although how the project will be funded is still uncertain).

Since the announcement, the plans for the redevelopment of the North Manchester General Hospital site have gathered some serious momentum, building on work by public sector chiefs who came together to create a proposition document in 2019 entitled, ‘The Future of the North Manchester General Hospital Site: A healthcare-led approach to civic regeneration'. This document outlines a vision whereby patient care is improved by creating a fully integrated ‘Civic Hub’ which would bring together health and social care, alongside community facilities in the area that include Crumpsall Park and the Abraham Moss Centre.

Macc have met with partners from Manchester Health and Care Commissioning and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust to discuss how VCSE groups, who have an interest in health and wellbeing, are consulted throughout the planning phases of this redevelopment.

On 1 October 2017, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) was formed. The hospitals included are: Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Saint Mary's Hospital, The University Dental Hospital, Altrincham Hospital, Trafford General Hospital, Wythenshawe Hospital, Withington Community Hospital and North Manchester General Hospital.

The aim was to standardise care across the city and have the opportunity to increase research and education in the region, reduce duplication, integrate patient record systems, and recruit and retain the best staff. The individual hospitals have retained their current names. More information can be found on the MFT website - https://mft.nhs.uk/