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Commissioning Resources

During 2009/10 Macc was commissioned by Manchester City Council to support voluntary-sector advice providers in the City of Manchester in engaging with the major changes taking place in advice service commissioning across the city. The resource pack was developed to focus on this particular commissioning exercise but will soon be updated to provide general information and support for groups working on issues around commissioning and procurement.

Resource Pack Contents
To explore the Resource Pack on-line, click on the links in the menu to the right to access parts of the pack:

  1. Commissioning & Procurement
  2. Working in Partnership
  3. Outputs & Outcomes
  4. Tendering
  5. Sample Policies and Procedures
  6. Insurance
  7. Resolving Disputes
  8. Previous Tenders: Manchester City Council

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N.B. This Resource Pack does not constitute legal advice