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6. We want services to think properly about the consequences of changing what they provide

Too often in recent years’ service users have felt abandoned when services change. Services they value disappear, and also staff whom they have known and trusted.
“I am concerned that the day centre may not be available to me to drop in, just to see some friendly faces. When I am stuck at home on my own, my mood gets lower and lower and I go back to bed. Having a safe place to come to is therefore very important to me.”
“I’ve become a shut-in. Going out is my most creative act this year. I came here by tram, myself.
We need services that are suitable to us. We need consultation before services change, and they need to be assessed as to whether they work or not – not in Oxford or wherever, but here.”

7. A plan for the emotional and practical impact of change, arrived at with meaningful user involvement.
How it should be monitored

There must be independent evaluation of the way that the change was carried out based on talking to the people impacted. How often are key people involved in our care changed?