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Accessing specialist support via our Organisational Development Service

Once a group has contacted us we will determine what support we can offer. In some circumstances the support we offer will include support from an external supplier with particular expertise and knowledge.

Here’s a guide to how this works:

  • As part of our offer Community Central will identify an appropriate consultant* from our approved supplier list
  • We will only use consultants that we have approved. We identify who we think is the most appropriate based upon the type of group/organisation requesting support, the areas of expertise that the consultant has to offer and the information we gathered at your first point of contact with us
  • We can only commit to specific pieces of work as we have a limited funding resource and our remit is to capacity build organisations so that you are able to function without our long term involvement

We reserve the right to negotiate a financial contribution from groups who we feel are sufficiently resourced. This is detailed within our contract with Manchester City Council and ensures that our resources can stretch as far as possible across the city.

We reserve the right to withdraw/refuse access to specialist support services if we feel that a group is not committed to improvement and/or we have evidence to show that a group has been unwilling to undertake tasks previously. A group can use our complaints procedure to appeal this decision (click here for our Complaints Procdure)

*approved suppliers are either individuals or local infrastructure organisations/partners

Groups are asked to sign a 3-way agreement between us, them and the approved supplier once a support package has been agreed.

How do consultants become part of the approved supplier list
If you have knowledge of consultants that you would recommend us considering as part of our business improvement we are more than happy to receive their contact details from you and we will contact them in due course. We have a rigorous process which includes CVs, references and an interview process. This is a lengthy process and we will not be taking on any new suppliers till March 2013 at the earliest.

To send us information about a potential supplier, please email: info@manchestercommunitycentral.org