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Complaints procedure

Macc aims to provide a high standard of service to all the partner agencies, groups and individuals with whom we work. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the support you have received from us,

Before making a complaint
Please feel able to discuss any concerns as soon as possible with the person you have been dealing with at Macc. They will deal with your enquiry promptly, and do their best to put things right. All members of staff are aware that at times things can (and do) go wrong and staff are encouraged to deal with such matters.

Informal complaint
If you wish to take matters a step further, contact the Chief Executive by telephone on 0161 830 4773 or in writing to: Mike Wild, Macc, 3rd Floor, Swan Buildings, 20 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JW or email: mike@macc.org.uk. You might wish to do this in order to speak to someone in authority or who is not directly involved with the complaint.

The Chief Executive will reply in writing within five working days. The reply will include:
1. confirmation of the nature of the problem
2. the outcome of enquiries
3. a suggestion as to how the problem can be resolved

Formal complaint
If this response is unsatisfactory, or if the complaint is about the Chief Executive, or if you simply feel that the matter is so serious that it should be dealt with at the highest level, the matter can be referred to the Chair of the Macc Board of Trustees.
Formal complaints must be put in writing to:
Mr Ed Cox
c/o Macc
3rd Floor
Swan Buildings
20 Swan Street
M4 5JW

Any request for a complaint to be investigated by the Chair should be made as soon as possible, when the events are fresh in the mind, and in any case, no later than six months from the date you became aware of, or ought reasonably to have become aware of, the subject of the complaint. This should give adequate time for you to have considered your complaint, and for all relevant facts to remain fresh. Beyond this time we cannot guarantee that people and papers involved will still be available.

The Chair will respond to you in writing:
1. acknowledging receipt of your complaint
2. setting out the timescale for investigation and response (normally be 14 days)
3. advising you if the Chair has chosen to appoint another member of the Macc Board of Trustees to undertake the investigation

Following investigation, you will receive a written response offering proposals for actions to resolve the complaint.

Right of Appeal
If the response from the Chair is unsatisfactory, you may ask the Chair to convene a special Review Panel. This will consist of two members of the Macc Board of Trustees and one independent person from another voluntary sector organisation.

The Review Panel will meet within 28 days of notification of the appeal and will look at the whole complaint, including any action which has been taken so far. The Review Panel will invite you, if you so wish, to speak to the panel.

You may have somebody present to support you or to speak on your behalf. This person must not be a member of Macc’s staff or a Member of the Board of Trustees. If the person you wish to bring is a lawyer, solicitor or other legal advisor, you must inform the Panel of this in advance.

The decision of the Review Panel is final.