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GMOPN Membership form - Individuals

The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network (GMOPN) was established in October 2015 following a consultation with older people in Greater Manchester. The development of the GMOPN is supported by the Ambition for Ageing (AfA) programme and facilitated by Macc. The aim of the GMOPN is to inform and influence Greater Manchester strategies that affect older people.

Greater Manchester Older People's Network

Membership is open for individuals aged over 50 living in Greater Manchester and any organisations in Greater Manchester supporting older people.

The network members meet regularly to:

  • discuss matters of concern to older people
  • share ideas that could have a positive benefit for people's lives
  • develop ways to improve or change policies or services for older people

How information about you will be used

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Your information will be stored in our password protected online database. Once we receive your information, we will make our best effort to ensure its security on our systems. We will not share your information with third parties.

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You are joining GMOPN as an individual member

We also have some working groups focusing on health, transport and housing. These meet every 2 months to share news on what’s going on and to plan work for the network to focus on throughout the year. If you would like to find out further information about these, please tick one or more of these boxes:

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