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Individual Hardship Funds

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Updated 25.10.2021

ABTA Lifeline
Support for current or former members of ABTA (or their families). Support includes emergency food voucher and access to financial and mental health support. More information here 

Ambulance Staff Charity
Support for those who are working or have worked in an NHS or private ambulance service for at least 12 months struggling with their physical, mental or financial wellbeing. Applications also considered from dependents or student paramedics. More information here

Artists’ General Benevolent Fund
Support for professional artists and their dependents who are unable to work due to accident, illness or older age. More information here

Author’s Contingency Fund
Contingency funding for writers, illustrators, journalists etc. Grants of up to £2,000 are available. Some professional or geographical restrictions may apply as the funding for the grant has come from a variety of sources. More information here


BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials
Support delivered via the Family Fund. Registered referrers can apply on behalf of children or families, for grants to support a child’s most basic needs, such as a bed to sleep on or a hot meal. More information here

Big Change
Available for any individual experiencing homelessness. If you are sleeping rough and want to apply for funds to help you get off the street, get in touch with one of their partner organisations who will work with you to apply for funds on your behalf. More information here

Book Trade Charity
Welfare grants for people who are working or have worked in the book trade for more than one year. More information here

British Gas Energy Trust
Grants to help with energy bill arrears – not just British Gas arrears. More information here


Buttle UK – Chances for children
Grants of up to £2,000 for children and young people that have experienced a crisis that has recently had a significant and enduring impact on their social and emotional wellbeing and educational engagement. Help for children to access education, essential IT or household items for example. Applications from support workers. More information here

Cavell Nurses Trust
Supports nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants. Fund can help with short term financial emergencies, essential white goods, rent deposits and removal costs amongst other things. More information here 


COSARAF Hardship Grants
Grants of up to £2,000 available for financial excluded individuals. Applications only accepted from charities, housing associations or schools acting on behalf of the family. Decisions within 8 weeks. More information here

Europia Emergency Fund
Europia offers an Emergency Fund where vulnerable EU nationals living across Greater Manchester can easily apply for a grant of £30-60 to help them buy supplies such as food and medicine during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Application forms are available in five European languages: English, Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian and Russian. More information here 


Family Fund
Help for families with disabled children. If your child is under 17 and has a high level of additional support needs arising from a long term disability or disabling condition OR a serious or life-limiting illness you may be eligible to apply. More information here

Fashion and Textile Children’s Trust
Support for parents or carers who have worked in the fashion or textile industry for at least one year and who are struggling financially. Support is for items for children not general household bills. More information here


Furniture Makers’ Company
Welfare support for those with at least two years’ service in the furniture industry, including self-employed. More information here

Grocery Aid
Support to current or former workers in the grocery or food wholesale sectors. One-off hardship grants. More information here


Help Musicians Financial Hardship Fund
Fund to provide financial support to professional musicians. Support is for professional working musicians, whether performers, composers or otherwise directly involved in music production. More information here

Just Finance Foundation
Useful information and resources on a range of financial support for individuals. More information here


Licence Trade Charity
Practical advice, emotional and financial support and short-term hardship grants for licensed tradespeople. More information here

Make A Difference Trust
Small pockets of financial assistance to those in theatre who have previously supported MAD initiatives, who are now experiencing unexpected financial hardship due to theatre closures. More information here 


Manchester Carers
Manchester City Council have established an emergency fund for unpaid carers in the city. It can be used for a range of costs including transport, furniture or food, and for the benefit of either the carer or the person cared for. Cash grants of £30 - £60 are available, plus support with goods or fuel bills. More information here

Manchester City Council – benefits and money
Details of the schemes Manchester City Council has available for individuals – including Council Tax Support; free school meals; free childcare; help for the self-employed and much more. More information here 


Manchester Relief in Need
Three grant programmes. Applications can only be submitted on behalf of a person OR a family in need, by a health, social care, charity professional or support worker. The organisation making an application must be directly working with each individual or family that they make an application on behalf of. The maximum value of a grant is generally no more than £500. Applications should be submitted before the 15th of the month. More information here

Musicians Union
Hardship funds up to £200 to support members of the MU. More information here 


National Zakat Foundation
Support for Muslims living in the UK. Includes hardship relief; housing help; work and education. More information here

Rainy Day Trust
For those that have worked in the home improvement industry for at least 12 months and are on a comparatively low income. More information here 


Retail Trust Financial Aid
Grants are available to retail workers and those in associated trades who are in need of financial assistance. More information here

Rory Peck Trust Hardship Fund
Assistance grants for professional freelance journalists whose only source of income is from journalism and are facing a crisis directly related to their work. More information here


Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain
General relief fund for those working across the music profession whose lives have been affected by accident or illness. More information here

Smallwood Trust – Women’s Resilience Fund
Grants and support are available for women on low incomes who have specific needs and are struggling to make ends meet or trying to overcome financial problems. Applicants must be in receipt of all eligible benefits to which you are entitled before making an application. More information here 


Teaching Staff Trust
Financial support for individuals in education, including teachers, teaching assistants, nursery workers, caretakers and lunch supervisors for bills, household costs, travel or other essentials if you have worked in the education sector for at least five years. More information here  

Theatre Helpline
A portal to various sources of information and help, including financial, available to those whose work in the theatre has been interrupted due to the Coronavirus crisis. More information here  


Thomas Wall Trust
Support for adults living in the UK to undertake education and training that will increase their chances of employment. More information here

Government benefits calculator, more information here  

Unison Financial Assistance
Support for Unison members experiencing financial difficulties, whether due to coronavirus or other circumstances. More information here