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Anti-Discrimination workshops

18 Feb 2021 - 13:18 by michelle.foster

we stand togetherWeStandTogether is the cohesion brand for Greater Manchester, as recommended in the Greater Manchester Cohesion Commission's report, A Shared Future.

Last academic year, #WeStandTogether developed a new Anti-discrimination Pack in order to deliver interactive workshops in schools, colleges, youth and community groups. Following a successful pilot, they have now received funding to offer free anti-discrimination workshops with community groups in Greater Manchester. The workshops enable local community groups to learn about differences, cultures, faith, disability, nationalities, gender identities and sexual orientation. They provide a safe environment to discuss the perceptions of different stereotypes, answer difficult questions and develop action plans to address discrimination.

Workshop sessions can be run in single lessons with a 45 minute activity followed by 20-30 minutes feedback or in longer sessions to multiple classes or as a project over several weeks. Timings can be flexible to suit your particular requirements and the needs of the participants.

#WeStandTogether also have Affiliate Awards, whereby you can win up to £2,500 for undertaking cohesion activities. The winning projects will be chosen in August 2021.

For more information click here or email Faiza at: faiza@westandtogether.org.uk

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