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FareShare GM - A day in the life of FareShare and its volunteers

26 Sep 2019 - 14:51 by tony.russ

FareShare GM works with the food industry to redistribute surplus food to frontline charities and community groups. They also educate nationally, regionally and locally on the impact of waste food upon people's lives and the planet.

Today, FareShare GM has 12 volunteers working to receive, quality control, and redistribute surplus food to over 100 charities across the city. When asked about the wider benefits of FareShare's work, Miranda simply said "We are fighting poverty as a whole, and food poverty IS part of poverty and also social isolation". She goes on to explain that they also support other charity members to deliver their services. “By receiving food from FareShare, organisations we work with are better able to provide nutritious meals for vulnerable people, alongside life-changing support services.  The money our charity members save on food bills can then be re-invested into essential support programmes to help their beneficiaries in the long term"

Miranda explains that "food waste has a significant negative impact on the environment. It generates eight percent of global greenhouse emissions. Therefore, by redistributing surplus food, FareShare and its volunteers are directly fighting this impact. We also hope that by educating people about the surprising negative impact of food waste, people will make a conscious decision to cut down on their own waste and help to reduce their carbon footprint."

A primary school from South Manchester recently reported that through working with FareShare, they had saved £3,000 throughout the year. FareShare were also able to provide fruit for Key Stage 2 pupils, something that the school was not previously able to offer. The hours given by the FareShare volunteers equates to 10 full time staff. Without them, the work FareShare do would not be possible, "and we can never thank them enough!"

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