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Getting Greater Manchester moving one mile at a time

2 Jul 2020 - 13:30 by michelle.foster

gm walkingCollaborate Out Loud CIC are working with GM Walking (part of GM Moving) to host an out loud conversation about what would help communities across Greater Manchester to walk more each day. Collaborate Out Loud CIC will do this through engaging with individuals and community groups and collectives to understand:

  • What helps people to walk more?
  • What gets in the way of walking?
  • What support and resources people would like to help them walk more

It’s impossible not to mention the C word though. Collaborate Out Loud CIC understand that the current situation with Coronavirus has changed how people are living their lives. Collaborate Out Loud CIC believe that, amongst all the heart ache and loss of freedom, some positives can be taken from the situation around an increased use of technology across all generations and many people walking more each day.

Collaborate Out Loud CIC want to engage with the unusual suspects, the voices that are not always heard and from those that currently don’t walk each day to help them and others understand.

Collaborate Out Loud CIC will host this conversation in an out loud way and that means they will be open, transparent and share what they are learning and finding as they go. This is about inspiring people to walk a mile a day, whilst also developing some kind of resource to support even more people to walk a mile a day too. This will be a resource that is created by the people of Greater Manchester for the people of Greater Manchester.

For more information, email: Claire@collaborateOutLoud.org

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