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GMP Asset Recovery Incentive Scheme (ARIS) money

9 Feb 2021 - 15:36 by michelle.foster

gmpGreater Manchester Police have a fantastic opportunity to invest cash back into the community. The money set aside has been taken back from those who commit acts of criminality in Manchester. The money set aside can be applied for to a maximum of £1,000, and is there for you to invest in your local groups or neighbourhood activities.

This cash is to support your local groups in order to assist in planning community meetings, purchase much needed equipment for youth engagement or to assist in transforming your street, local community projects and any other projects in the community. This goal is to help bring down Anti-Social Behaviour in your community by working together.

Greater Manchester Police are looking to support local groups with funding for community projects with this money.

Applications are expected to benefit the local community, be managed on a voluntary basis or have an impact on your local community and youth engagement. Projects must be shown to improve your local area, or increase demand for subsidised youth engagement. Small private businesses will be considered if they can show they offer a value for money activity that encourages youth engagement.

The criteria for funding are as follows.

  • Funding allocated should reach a large number of recipients (i.e. not for the benefit of one individual)
  • Funding for projects should be for less than 12 months and should ensure that any long-term projects can become self-funding thereafter
  • Funding should be allocated to non-profit organisations
  • Funding should be allocated to new and upcoming projects, rather than well-established services
  • Funding should be for specific projects with specific outcomes (not for general appeals for funding)
  • Funding should be allocated to projects within City of Manchester
  • Funding allocated should be £1,500 or less per award

To apply complete the attached application and email it to: [email protected]

The panel meet monthly to review applications.

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