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Greater Manchester Police Independent Community Scrutiny Panels are looking for new members

13 May 2021 - 15:08 by michelle.foster

opportunityWhat are Independent Community Scrutiny Panels?
Independent Community Scrutiny Panels (ICSPs) are made up of members of the public who are representative of the local community and give the police honest feedback in how they are using their stop and search powers.

Why do we need Independent Community Scrutiny Panels?
The ICSPs will work with GMP and other community oversight groups to build and maintain trust and confidence within our local communities.

What would I do as a panel member?
You will be asked to give your honest opinions and bring the police to account. Through showing you police interactions captured on Body Worn Video (BWV) and data, you will be asked for your personal views about how the police are doing so that they can be transparent in all they do.

For more information on scrutiny panels and how to apply email the GMP Neighbourhood, Confidence and Equalities Team Force Community Hub at: ForceCommunityHub@gmp.police.uk


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