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Greater Manchester Walking Festival 2020 – opportunity to get involved

13 Dec 2019 - 10:57 by michelle.foster

Greater Manchester Walking FestivalThe 2020 Greater Manchester Walking Festival is all about the joy and fun of walking and GM Moving are hoping the walks can bring this concept to life. Using the joy and fun approach, the festival aims to celebrate walking, places to walk and people to walk with, and appeal to a range of audiences. GM Moving expect that they will be able to offer walks across the whole of Greater Manchester and have a varied mix of ‘interest’ walks.

GM Moving are looking for youth groups, ‘friends of’ groups, sports clubs, faith groups, social clubs or local charities to plan a walk that will appeal to your community, and may encourage people who are not regularly active or are inactive to take part. GM Moving are also looking to encourage families to join the walks. GM Moving are hoping that the Festival can be a catalyst for more walking to take place as part of regular activities offered through community groups, and attract people new to walking to join in.

To achieve this GM Moving are:

  • Asking for a high proportion of the walks in the Festival to start in areas where inactivity levels are high (see map and ward list)
  • Inviting walk organisers to create themed walks or walks with a ‘point of interest’
  • Promoting the Festival through localised distribution of a MEN Festival supplement, targeted social media, community groups promoting their walks to their own communities as well as GM scale promotion.
  • Signposting people to the routes and group information on their website to encourage people to get involved with walking all year round

GM Moving are offering some small grants to community groups working in the red and orange areas on the attached map (see ward list) to plan and promote a walk for their target community. GM Moving can offer £250 per walk, or £500 if walking is offered as a key part offered as part of a wider community event. GM Moving can offer some support around planning and leading a walk if required.

These walks can be solely promoted by you to your audiences, or you can chose to publish your walk on the Festival website so that anyone looking for a walk can find the details and come along. It’s up to you. 

In return GM Moving expect you to let them know how many people took part, if they were from your target audience and how active they had been. GM Moving also like to know how your idea came about and your walk was delivered.  

If you would like to get involved, start planning your walk:

  1. Talk to your committees, your community, the people involved with your organisation and find out who can help and what ideas you may have
  2. Plan a walk using some of the tips on the guidance notes
  3. Apply for some funding using the application form if it would help you deliver your walking idea. All applications for funding need to be submitted by Sunday 9 February 2020
  4. Submit details of your walks to GM Moving using the template on the website by 9 February 2020
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