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Mobilising Community Climate Action

8 Apr 2021 - 15:58 by michelle.foster

wwf logoCommunities are more powerful than they know. WWF want to ensure that voices of communities across the UK are heard inspiring and supporting people to take action in their local areas.

WWF want to find out what action they want to see, to address the climate and nature emergency in their own space or community.

This project aims to inspire and support hundreds of people across the UK engaging and equipping them to come together and transform our relationship with our planet, from the ground up.

WWF want to encourage people to learn more about the issues affecting our home and give them a role in the solutions.

Through activity, discussion and creativity within different areas of the UK WWF want to platform issues that matter most in those local areas demonstrating how community ideas can drive forward environmental change.

The project will support community leaders from five key areas in the UK, to bring others from their local area together virtually, to watch and discuss the feature length documentary film: David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet.

Follow on sessions can cover workshops or discussion groups that address issues in the film. Attendees of these sessions will leave knowing what actions they can take together, and in their personal lives, to make change that contribute to the fight against climate change.

WWF will shine a spotlight on community stories that showcase the importance of individual and community actions, and behavioural change in addressing the climate crisis.

Get involved
Become a screening host and register your event – WWF have all the tools you need to host a screening.

Become an organiser – If you are a leader, head or organiser of a local group or grassroots movement, you can activate your networks in a way that best suits them.

Realise your ideas, with community funding – WWF have a number of small grants to support community action.

For further information and to get involved email: community@wwf.org.uk

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