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New publication: Identifying and supporting marginalised communities in neighbourhood working

2 Jul 2020 - 13:40 by michelle.foster

ambition for ageingAmbition for Ageing have launched two new documents outlining an approach to engaging marginalised older people using a spatial model developed during their five years of age-friendly research. The new model considers the size and geographical distribution of different communities as a way of engaging them in group activities.

This work was developed by their Equalities Board team based at the LGBT Foundation following a review of the Ambition for Ageing programme from an equalities perspective. It includes a short briefing to outline the model and a practical workbook on using the model at a neighbourhood level.

Key learning includes:

  • Involving marginalsed older people in group activities is key to achieving equality
  • Spatial factors, such as size and geographical distribution, are crucial to effectively targeting different marginalised groups. Small dispersed communities of identity are at greatest risk of exclusion
  • By taking spatial factors into consideration, we can more effectively plan approaches to including marginalised communities in community development programmes

To download the documents click here

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