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Public transport face covering exemption flash card

23 Jul 2020 - 14:26 by michelle.foster

tfgmIn line with government rules, you must wear a face covering on public transport unless you are exempt.

If you’re not exempt and don’t wear a face covering, transport staff or police could stop you from boarding or can ask you to leave a service. You could also be fined £100.

You should also wear a face covering when using a taxi or private hire service if you can.

Wearing a face covering
A face covering isn’t the same as a surgical face mask. You can make your own, or wear a scarf or bandana. The most important thing is that it should cover your mouth and nose.

It’s your responsibility to provide and wear a face covering but, if you need to, you can collect a disposable face covering from TfGM Travelshops and ticket offices at bus stations and interchanges.

A small number of people are exempt from wearing a face covering on public transport. Legitimate reasons for not wearing a face covering include certain medical conditions and disabilities which mean that you can’t put on, wear or remove one. Children under the age of 11 are also exempt.

The government has published a full list of exemptions on its safer travel guidance for passengers page.

TfGM have produced a Journey Assist card for people who are exempt from wearing a face covering on public transport. The card is available on request from the TfGM Customer Services team:
Phone: 0161 244 1000 (Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm, weekends 8am to 8pm).
Web: https://tfgm.com/contact-form

This card is valid across all public transport in Greater Manchester.

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