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12 Oct 2018 - 10:46 by michelle.foster

Manchester City Council is looking for partners in the voluntary and community sector to support the next stages of development for the RADEQUAL grant programme. So if you are part of the RADEQUAL community network and have a tried and tested project that meets the RADEQUAL campaign objectives of tackling prejudice, hate and extremism, they would like to hear from you. RADEQUAL

The criteria for your project should meet the following
1. Achieve greater impact against the objectives (3 Cs - Challenge, Connect and Champion) of the RADEQUAL Campaign through existing programmes of work
2. Adopt a neighbourhood focus and approach that starts to professionalise the activities and projects on offer and being delivered through the RADEQUAL campaign
3. Support others in the sector including members of the RADEQUAL community network to build community resilience to the issues relating to prejudice, hate and extremism
4. Demonstrate innovation along with a proven track record and evidence of working against a set of agreed objectives, outcomes and spend profile
5. Have an evaluation report available for delivery to date 

If you are interested and would like to submit a project proposal, complete the template attached along with providing a copy of your project evaluation report by email to Gemma Walsh g.walsh1@manchester.gov.uk by Friday 2 November 2018 - any proposals not completed in full will not be considered.

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