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Royal Exchange Theatre Adult Daytime Programme Spring Summer 2015

18 Dec 2014 - 11:21 by michelle.foster

Between the Lines is a play reading ad discussion groups for over 18s. Each session will focus on a play that in some way relates to a current position (thematically, through the time it was written or ‘in conversation’ with the play that is being produced). The session will not require everyone to read aloud but there will be opportunities to do so and to discuss the paly, as well as to gain insights into the production.

Wordplay is an introduction to playwriting led by professional writers and theatre makers. There are two taster workshops scheduled this season to be followed by a new series in September. Wordplay will draw on a selection of plays from the theatre’s repertoire in order to gently introduce participants to creative writing with an emphasis on writing for theatre. It’s ideal for anyone who has ever thought they might like to give playwriting a try but have been too scared or confused to know where to start. It is also suitable for people who have done some creative writing and are interested in a refresher and/or exploring new approaches.

Behind the Scenes offer an introduction to the current play and production. Sessions are led by members of the Discover team and usually involve some of the acting cast. As group sizes can be large, sessions are talk and discussion based rather than very active – though there is plenty of opportunity to take part in a verity of ways.

The World Wide Workshop is for adults from displaced, minority or migrant communities. It aims to challenge and overcome barriers to accessing theatre. The programme is to be re-launched from March 2015.

The Company of Elders is for adults over 60 and is all about developing performance skills, making boundary-pushing theatre and challenging negative stereotypes of ageing.

The group is currently full, but there will be opportunities in 2015 for 10 new members to join.

For further information, contact Andy Barry, on 0161 615 6792, or email: andy.barry@royalexchange.co.uk

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