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Scams Awareness Fortnight 14 – 27 June

8 Jun 2021 - 15:43 by michelle.foster

citizens adviceCitizens Advice annual Scams Awareness campaign aims to create a network of confident, alert consumers who know what to do when they spot a scam. This year's campaign will take place from the 14 - 27 June.

If you're looking for advice and support on scams visit online advice pages

Your efforts during the Scams Awareness campaign are important, whether you’re an individual consumer looking to protect yourself and your family from scams, or an organisation or group representing consumers.

Protecting people against scams is more important than ever. Many people are facing issues as a result of the coronavirus pandemic – from employment and debt, to housing and health – meaning more people are in vulnerable situations. Scammers are taking advantage of this, so its vital people have the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves.

What is a scam?
A scam is a scheme to try to steal money, personal information or data from a person or organisation. Other names for a scam include fraud, hoax, con, swindle and cheat.

Top 3 messages

  • Citizens Advice have seen evidence that scammers are exploiting the pressures that the pandemic is putting people under, including a significant increase in the number of scams relating to financial services reported in the past year. These can include fake “Get Rich Quick” investment schemes or someone pretending to be your bank to get you to transfer money or personal details
  • Anyone can fall victim to a scam. People of all ages and backgrounds get scammed. It’s important to be on your guard – if you’re not sure about something take your time and get advice.
  • If you think someone might be trying to scam you, it’s important to act straight away. If you need advice and support you can call the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0808 223 1133 or visit www.citizensadvice.org.uk. You should also report scams or suspected scams to Action Fraud.

Help spread the message that scams are crimes that can happen to anyone and that we can all take a stand to help stop them. There are actions we can all take to report them, share stories and raise awareness of scams to safeguard ourselves and others.

To get involved click here or email: campaigns@citizensadvice.org.uk


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