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Manchester Gives More

Manchester has a long history of voluntary and community action and a sector which embodies the passions and ideals of the city. Manchester enjoys huge economic success but it is not yet shared by all and life chances are not equal. There are literally hundreds of local organisations working every day in communities to provide an enormous range of support and help but also many of the cultural and social activities around the city.

We want to encourage local people to treasure and support those groups and organisations, the ones which can’t run big marketing campaigns or gain the attention of the national media. Macc’s ambition is to increase the level of donations that people in Manchester make to local organisations and causes.

Manchester can show the rest of the UK and the world how it’s done. Macc has teamed up with a group of other Manchester based organisations to launch a city-wide campaign encouraging support for local charities and good causes: Manchester Gives More.

The Manchester Gives More initiative is a call-to-action to everyone to give something back to this great city – whether it is making a charitable donation, volunteering time or simply spreading the word.

We want Manchester to be the most generous city in the UK, a city which prides itself supporting local organisations for the benefit of Manchester people and doing our part to respond to international emergencies and showing solidarity for those facing a crisis.


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