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Street Support Network - Volunteer For Good

Street Support Network is an online hub where you can find national and local support all in one place. A good way to think of it is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for anyone in need. 

Whether you’re experiencing, or at risk of experiencing homelessness, struggling financially, or just looking for somewhere warm to spend time during the day, the support on our site is available to everyone. 

There are three primary reasons you might use our website: 

To Find Help: Get advice and see what support services are available near you. 

To Give Help: See how you can help organisations to provide better support - volunteer, offer items, or donate money. 

To Learn: Understand more about homelessness in your area, what is being done, and where the challenges and opportunities are. 

This winter, we’ve partnered with the GMHAN to create a project that helps strengthen the connection between the people of Greater Manchester and its organisations who are working so hard to support those who are experiencing, and at risk of experiencing, homelessness.  

Volunteer For Good is a campaign that aims to educate the public and businesses of Greater Manchester about how to volunteer effectively with their local homelessness organisations. 

At the centre of it is an online resource that we’ve built, where you can go to find out about how converting your short-term volunteering into either fundraising or a long-term fixture can create real, lasting change. 

By navigating your way around the site, you can also discover the enormous scope of volunteering roles and even browse through some Greater Manchester organisations currently appealing for volunteers.  

From trustees, to drivers, to accountants, to social media, to cooking, to helpline volunteering, there are hundreds of roles around you waiting to be filled. 

Thanks to 75 Media and JCDecaux, you may have seen our digital posters out and about! We’re also all over social media, so please come and have a look at what we’ve been doing and what it’s all for!