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Theme 2: Ensuring equal access and benefit economy

The Recommendations

Recommendation 4:
Social sector to play a key development role in the next community strategy refresh: The current community strategy runs up to 2015. There is an opportunity for the social sector in using this as an important step in engaging more strategically with policy, and in doing so ensuring that an equal access narrative is a central plank of the strategy, in turn outlining and evidencing how the sector can play a key role not just in strategy, but also delivery.

What’s currently happening

  • Macc is contributing to the refresh of the Manchester Community Strategy via membership of the Manchester Leaders Forum.
  • Macc is hosting a roundtable with Steady State Manchester to look at financial innovations in Manchester: This will look at possibilities for alternative financial systems to promote economic, social and ecological well-being. The key idea is to identify the gaps in the local system of financial resources (systems, institutions, mechanisms….) that, if filled, could help improve local economic, social and environmental well-being and resilience.