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Volunteers Week 2020 - Volunteer Stories Day 2

29 May 2020 - 11:53 by barkery.jammeh

It's day 2 of our very special Volunteers week stories and this morning we hear about Beverly Dargen and what motivated her to get into volunteering, we hope you enjoy.


Volunteer name:

Beverley Dargen

Volunteer age:

50 years

Where are they from:


What's their volunteer role and what do they do in that role:

Beverley support parents of children who have severe learning/physical disabilities

How long have you/they been volunteering for:

10 years

How did they get involved with volunteering:

Searching for support for her disabled son

Why did they get involved in volunteering:

After receiving so much support herself Bev decided she would like to do the same for other parent carers

What do they enjoy most about volunteering:

Working in partnership with learning disabilities services especially with the doctors and nurses in the hospitals teaching them how to treat disabled children in hospitals

What difference has volunteering made to their life:

A purpose that can include helping others and well as my own son

How does volunteering make them feel:

Good to be useful to other parent carers who do not know how to cope when they have a disabled child

What would they say to someone thinking about volunteering:

Giving the most important thing you can give is your time and this helps to be happy healthy active and one of the best ways to feel good about yourself

What’s their favourite volunteering memory:

Being invited to talk to doctors and nurses on a regular basis to help educate and help them to understand our disabled children when they have to be admitted into hospital.

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