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Volunteers Week 2020 - Volunteer Stories Day 2

2 Jun 2020 - 14:22 by barkery.jammeh

Volunteer name: Jimmy

Volunteer age: 30

Where are they from: Manchester

What's their volunteer role and what do they do in that role:

Jimmy has completed over 70 sessions assisting with:

• Greeting office visitors (including interview candidates)
• Answering the phone
• Typing up notes, feedback and timetables
• Updating documents and shredding
• Signing and laminating certificates and course books
• Making up packs of leaflets to promote Breakthrough
• Entering project monitoring data for evaluation
• Finding quotes for online digital software and assistive technology
• Phone calls inviting professionals to training and to refer clients
• Researching opportunities
• Supporting Breakthrough volunteer recruitment at university fairs and a Co-op Community Day
• Supporting Breakthrough fundraising and coming up with ideas for social media content
• Helping with Breakthrough’s Christmas Party

Jimmy is a pleasure to have around as he is very courteous and professional, he is a friendly, chatty person. He always has a smile and a joke to share and is considerate. Jimmy is willing to try new tasks and help where he can. Jimmy tries his best and wants to do a good job, he responds to requests. He has used Microsoft Office, excel, word, the internet, the laminator etc.

“Jimmy has a natural specialism in peer support – he is able to recognise when people are facing difficult times and uses his positivity and life experiences to come up with potential solutions that could make a difference.” Rhonda, Breakthrough Pathways Co-ordinator

Jimmy explained “I have struggled with depression, loneliness and isolation and haven’t wanted to tell my parents, I hide it from my family”. In relation to Coronavirus Jimmy explained “It’s not new to me, I am trying to entertain my parents, exercise, play games and listen to music but I miss the team and am sad so many people have died”.

How long have they been volunteering for:

Jimmy became a Breakthrough volunteer over a year ago

How did they get involved with volunteering:

In 2017 Jimmy was referred by the job centre down the road to Breakthrough. In 2018 Jimmy joined Breakthrough’s Community Connecting Project. He joined a local Art Group at a Wellbeing Centre, a Music session at ‘Back On Track’ and a local Drama group at MAD Theatre Company. Jimmy commented that 'meeting lots of new people has increased my confidence'. He enthused 'I am really enjoying drama and art’. Jimmy also joined a Project User Group to offer feedback on the project design and delivery. Jimmy joined Pathways to Independent Living and Pre-employment group training courses, learning various skills and attending a jobs fair.

Why did they get involved in volunteering:

Felt I needed to do something after being in the house for 11 years, lonely, with noone to talk to, I was quiet, with nowhere to turn and didn't know which way to go

What do they enjoy most about volunteering:

Meeting people

What difference has volunteering made to their life:

Confident, keeps my mind occupied,

How does volunteering make them feel:

Very happy

What would they say to someone thinking about volunteering:

It’s a good feeling when you meet people, escape your own world

What’s their favourite volunteering memory:

Helping out before Christmas


Well done Jimmy! Tomorrow we hear from Michael and Sam.


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