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Volunteers Week 2020 - Volunteer Stories Day 4

4 Jun 2020 - 15:17 by barkery.jammeh

Here is a short story from Daryl. Thanks for submitting Daryl :)


Volunteer name: Daryl pollitt

Volunteer age:60

Where are you from: Street Treats

What's your volunteer role and what do you do in that role:
Feed the homeless

How long have you been volunteering for:
6 Years

How did you get involved with volunteering:
I started when my teenage son suggested we make some sandwichs and take around the tents

Why did you get involved in volunteering:
As above

What do you enjoy most about volunteering:
The knowledge we are making a difference

What difference has volunteering made to your life:
Made me very busy

How does volunteering make you feel:
At the moment sad and aprehensive as to what is going to happen

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering:
Go for it

What’s your favourite volunteering memory:
The camaraderie from the now over 25 volunteers is amazing too many good and bad memories

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